Transformative & Soulful Coaching

Do you know that you have great gifts to share, a happy life that is waiting, inner intuition that is calling out?

If the answer is no, this is where coaching, psychotherapy and spiritual development come together to remind you.

What kind of coaching is this?

Over the course of our lifetimes, our experiences and conditioning can lead to us losing touch with who we really are. We can forget the things that make us feel most alive, and lose faith in ourselves and all we are capable of.

Finding the joy in life that we are all entitled to, no matter what is thrown at us, is dependent on the strength of the relationship we have with ourselves, and our mindful wellness. 

This is deep and soulful purpose-led coaching that will reconnect you to your truest Self and nurture that inner relationship. It will clear away the fog, and breathe goodness into all aspects of your life; relationships, health, wellbeing, career. It will enrich your lived experience and enable you to grow into all you can be.

I firmly believe that it is our birthright to live a life of fulfilment and happiness; we deserve to find the wonder in our every day. This starts from within. 

Is it for You?

If you have found your way to this page, it is likely that you are seeking something. This coaching can support you on that journey.

You may be coming with:


A sense of being lost or stuck, searching for direction 

A desire to to gain a deeper understanding of yourself

An urge to make positive change in any or all aspects of your life 

A feeling that you’ve never truly met your full potential 

A feeling of overwhelm by all the demands and potentialities of life

You may have ideas that you want realise, but don’t know where to begin 

A career that needs to take a new direction

At a crossroads with big decisions to make, or in the midsts of a challenging life transition 

You may know that there is a part of you that needs to heal in order to move forward

A relationship that needs to end ~ or a new one that needs to begin 

You may need to transform self-limiting or sabotaging patterns and scripts

Or your health and wellbeing has taken a backseat for one day too long 

You may have forgotten your why, your what it’s all for, your fun, or your dreams 

What you can expect

Our work together will help you get in touch with your inherent qualities, facilitate answers to your big life questions and show you how to take action on them, remind you how to deeply connect with your own wisdom and intuition, unstick your stuckness, and guide you in the way of mindful wellness and self-love.

Your relationships will deepen and you will learn to lead from the heart. Life will become more gentle, peaceful and joyful. You will remember that you’re worthy your dreams, and learn to follow that small but powerful voice within.

How we will work together

I work intuitively and at depth, blending coaching with psychotherapeutic practice and combining deep inner work with the application of positive psychology; bringing in the guidance and healing power of nature where needed. 

This is your journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth and lasting personal change, delivered via an intimate and bespoke one to one coaching experience that will support, guide and celebrate with you in every moment.  

I offer three coaching programmes to suit different budgets and requirements:



An 8 week foundational programme to begin your journey of self-discovery, introducing you to the principles of mindful wellness and living consciously.

Seek ~ Discover ~ Awaken


Activate Your Wild Self Workbook

90 - 120 minute kick-off session

Weekly soul coaching sessions

Between-session support




3 months dedicated to your personal exploration. You will get in touch with your intuition, find guidance, clarity, and the confidence to take your right next steps.

Explore ~ Activate ~ Expand


Activate Your Wild Self Workbook

Half-day Immersion Session

Weekly soul coaching sessions

Between-session support




An immersive 6 month experience to deepen your understanding of yourself; bringing about inner knowing, big life shifts and lasting personal change.

Deepen ~ Embody ~ Transform


Activate Your Wild Self Workbook

Wild Healing Retreat Day

Biweekly soul coaching sessions

Between-session support



 I seek to build strong and transformative relationships with my clients, and so it’s important to know that we connect before we begin working together.