Dreams and Their Meanings

Do you sometimes wake up with unlikely songs playing in your head, loaded up with new ideas or inspiration, feeling emotionally moved by what has come to you in your sleep, or jolted awake in the night by fretful dreams? 

Our unconscious holds an incredible wealth of information and knowledge, and is trying to communicate with us all the time. It is when we are sleeping that we are most open and attuned, and our unconscious can speak to us via our dreams. 

Through the use of visualisation, association and reflection, Dream Readings can help you interpret your dreams to facilitate personal development, evoke change or healing, or put you in touch with the deeper parts of yourself that are not always easy to access.

Some powerful stuff is at work when your mind is at rest! By paying attention to your dreams and their symbology, you can gain rich insight about yourself and your life. 

What do my dreams mean?

Our dreams all have different meanings, and your symbology and associations are unique to you. Some dreams may be about processing stored experience, some might be showing you what you need to move forward, some might be delivering important life guidance. It won’t always be clear as dreams are not literal, which is why working with them in a safe and guided space can be so powerful.

If you have an old dream that has left an impact on you, recurring dreams, or even a dream that comes to you tonight after reading this page, and are interested in exploring its/their significance and meaning, I’d love to hear from you.

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