Julia helped me through the most traumatic period of my life in the most caring and gentle way possible. She gave me the space to navigate my emotions and truly explore and reflect upon what mattered the mattered the most to me.

Julia has such a special energy that no matter how deep and difficult the sessions are, you cannot help but leave each session reflective, yet inspired and motivated for the week ahead.

I will be eternally grateful for the period of time I spent with Julia, and for all the help, support and guidance she gave me. She is a ray of light when you are deep in the darkness and are struggling to see a way out.

I came to see Julia at a time when I felt at a huge crossroads in my life - not really knowing what way to turn. My life felt very convoluted owing to various events, situations and experiences that made any decisions even harder to think about making. When I first met Julia, she made me feel immediately at ease and was undoubtedly the key facilitator to where I am now - a much better place.

The whole experience with Julia was fantastic - from the time she spent listening to me unravel my thoughts and respond with genuine consideration and guidance. I loved my sessions with Julia - undoubtedly cathartic whilst also hugely relaxing. Julia’s space is very calming and definitely contributed to the experience. I couldn’t recommend Julia’s services more. Thank you.

I came to Julia around a year ago, after realising I needed help to understand why I was choosing to live life in a destructive manner which was effecting every aspect of my life. This included relationships, career and being unable to stay grounded.

After some time in therapy Julia was able to help me understand how my childhood had left deep embedded wounds which were playing out in my adult life. This was by no means an easy process to come to terms with, but it did make me understand why I behave or react to situations in certain ways.

One of the most precious gifts that came from my time with Julia was the importance of loving myself, and believing in myself, as prior to this stage, other peoples needs would be put before my own. 

It has taken time but everyday I practice ways to love myself and putting my needs first. I have also put in steps to take care of myself more and being more accept of my past.

I could not have imagined, this time last year being on this road to recovery. I look forward to getting up everyday and I am looking forward to living the best life possible.

I was able to explore with Julia the barriers that prevented my emotional, physical and cognitive progress. Understanding and recognising those barriers, my strengths and limitations were essential for me as I sought to progress towards my academic and physical goals. Julia supported me as I learned to believe in myself and apply positive strategies to aid self-care. It may sound bizarre, but I had to learn to love myself by connecting and disconnecting myself mentally and emotionally through a mindfulness approach.

Throughout my mentoring, I was never made to feel that my perceptions were invalid, on the contrary, I was encouraged to explore the root of my concerns and evaluate the validity of my thoughts and perceptions. I was reminded to rest physically and mentally when deadlines loomed and the pressure was on for my physical wellbeing, due to my illness. This mentoring has proved to be invaluable, without it, I would have surely lost everything.

The outcome has been phenomenal. Thank you, Julia, for believing and supporting me, you are truly amazing!

I contacted Julia regarding a dream I had. It had given me many unanswered questions and I craved a professional outlook on it.

At all times, I was reassured by Julia and I was absolutely elated with the whole experience.

The particular guidance through the visualisation came from such a safe place of wellbeing, and the details in which I was asked prompted the answers in which I seeked and yet so much more. The clarity that came afterwards was breathtaking.

I would 100% recommend Julia.

Thanking you so very much.