A generous act of self-love facilitated within the arms of nature

I’m often asked what self-love actually means. To me, it’s being able to look deeply into ourselves, and loving what we find. Being able to recognise our innate qualities, being able to love the parts of ourselves that we don’t find so charming. Being able to say no and yes to the things we want to say no and yes to, with a knowing of what is right for us. It’s understanding the things that we want from life, and being able to ask for them. It’s taking responsibility for our wellbeing and happiness, and allowing ourselves to make those things a priority. 

Wild Healing Retreat Days & Immersion Sessions

The Wild Healing Retreat Days and Immersion Sessions are all about self-love and inner discovery. They are designed to give you the time, space and attention needed to make a deep enquiry into yourself and be guided in that personal exploration. This time is for You, your self-care, and whatever else you need. 

We will begin with a gentle but intensive consultation so I can understand what you would like to achieve from your experience; I will then design your day uniquely for you. We will work creatively and experientially, and may take some time outside to allow the natural world to offer you the calm, peace and grounding your inner world may be calling out for.  

These full and half days are perfect for anyone feeling burnt out, stressed, or with over-occupied minds spinning with too many things. They will remind you of what feels good to you, who you are and how you might want your life to move forward. 

And give your soul a little uplift in the process. 

Half Day Immersion Session £225

Full Day Retreat (including good, nourishing veggie food) from £450

Groups very welcome ~ please get in touch to discuss