Working with Julia 

You are on your own unique journey. 

Whether you need a healing, nurturing and reparative space to address the untrue beliefs you hold about yourself, the wounding experiences you’ve stored away or the relationships that have let you down; or a deeper enquiry into who you really are to stoke the fire in your belly and step into the powerful part of you that calls, psychotherapy and coaching can support you on your path. 


Bespoke one to one purpose-led coaching; bringing together soul and spiritual development, psychotherapeutic practice and positive psychology to discover and awaken your Wild Self.


Open-ended psychotherapy combining traditional psychotherapeutic practices with therapeutic coaching to attend to the past, explore your present, and look towards the future.


Other Ways of Working Together 

Retreat Days & Immersion Sessions 

One-day Wild Healing Retreats and half-day Immersion Sessions designed uniquely for you. For those who are needing a spiritual boost or some intensive self-care, seeking guidance on a specific life question, or wanting to further their exploration into themselves.

Wisdom Walks

Nature-based sessions where we will walk together, be inspired and guided as we remind ourselves of our interconnectedness with the natural world, and make a deep enquiry into the questions that you would like to work through.

Dream Readings

Our dreams have so much they can teach us. They are our unconscious trying to reach out; to guide and process and clear away. If you are a dreamer (in the literal sense in this instance!), these sessions will help you to make sense of what is coming to you in your sleep. 

Prefer to find out more in person?