Nature-based Wisdom Walks

Nature has an amazing ability to slow everything down; something so many of us find difficult to do. It is often within the demands of our busy lives that we lose our sense of direction, purpose or wellbeing. Nature can provide the stillness and respite needed to clear away the noise, allow space to take a breath, and reflect.

Wisdom Walks are nature-based sessions that can be used individually or as a series, designed to give you a moment for deep consideration, to seek answers or guidance, or to connect with yourself in a more peaceful way. 

We will walk together, slowly (!), and talk about anything you need to bring. We may sit, we may stop to inspect, we may be silent, and we will allow nature to work its magic. It is within this slowness that whatever it is that you need, can find its way to you. I will facilitate the session, supporting you in exploring and noticing what may be coming up or being shown to us. 

No two walks are ever the same. Nature is always changing, and this is one of my favourite things about it; it has something new to teach us about ourselves all the time.

‘As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears’


The benefits of nature to our wellness are becoming increasingly recognised, with GPs now prescribing nature walks as a treatment for anxiety, depression and more. With this in mind we will meet at a pre-agreed location in the stunning Surrey Hills, and walk together for around an hour. I provide a free consultation beforehand so we can discuss what you would like to get from your session, and where to meet.

Nature-based Wisdom Walks £75