My Story

Like many people, I have a before and after.

Before, I ran teams and led on high-profile clients and projects within the marketing world.

My after is still ongoing, but began when I decided to take notice of the urges and callings from within. I set upon a process of deep personal exploration and subsequently retrained as a transpersonal psychotherapist, impassioned to support people on their own journeys.

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I later co-founded Transform Counselling, a not-for-profit low cost counselling service offering affordable depth therapy to those who would not otherwise have access to it, hinged on the philosophy that emotional and psychological wellbeing should be available to all.

It was after an unexpected loss that I left London to seek a more gentle and soulful life in the stillness of the countryside, and nature became a teacher. I discovered that in its qualities, we can find the qualities of our Selves. It gently heals and encouragingly awakens. Its beauty mirrors the inner beauty we hold within. It shows us strength, resilience and courage, and tells us that we are part of something bigger; that we are all connected.

Wild Healing is the culmination of my personal and professional experience, shared via integrative psychotherapy and coaching, weaving in the wisdom of nature, to facilitate pathways for my clients towards a more beautiful and mindful way of being.

Your Story

This is what I’m most interested in. How would you like yours to read?

I will work with you to write it. To uncover your true nature and align with those good vibrations that will help you find your own source of guidance; a source that will be available to you always.

As I’ve continued on my path I have come to recognise the things that are most important to me; relationships, personal growth, feeling that I am living a life with purpose. I have noticed this be true for those I work with as well. 

I am not an expert naturalist or spiritual teacher. I don’t want to sleep outside all the time (well, I do a bit); I can’t tell you what mushrooms not to eat and I struggle to keep many of my beloved house plants alive! But I am still inspired and moved by nature everyday ~ in the same way I am people ~ and I am convinced that by forming a new awareness and wonder in the nature that surrounds us, we will discover a new awareness and wonder in ourselves.